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"Its okey to be afraid but it willl never
be the same"
Complexed Girl
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The Marauders and Lily Evans, Mary MacDonald, Marlene McKinnon, Emmeline Vance, and Dorcas Meadowes celebrating their last night of summer before their seventh year. 

Taken by Emmeline Vance, circa 1976 
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James and Lily Potter, the night after Marlene’s death
Taken by unknown, Winter 1980
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Can this be Marlene at the Potter Manor? She’d woke up early, steal one of Sirius’ shirts and stare at the landscape or the sky and, once in a while, she’d look at Sirius – who would be dead asleep on his bed – and smile. He’d woke up to the sight of her wondrous legs and bum and feel like the happiest man alive and take this picture of her with his muggle camera.


Fitness Tip: When working out, don’t measure your success by how much weight you lose. Measure your success by whether or not you would survive being a member of the Fellowship.

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pain,suicide,self harm | via Tumblr on We Heart It.
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Like this^^
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